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Buying a New Build / Off-plan property

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Are you buying a brand-new property in Spain? Our recommendation here is that you always work with a respected, experienced, independent and qualified lawyer.

With a new build / off-plan property it is important to know the Spanish legislation and which documents need to be in place, to make sure the property is legally in order.

When buying these kinds of properties, you mostly pay in parts while they construct the property, to ensure that your payments are safe, you will need a Spanish lawyer who has your best interests.

Another common problem you see is the language, most of the builders do not speak your language properly to be able to communicate about important matters. With a lawyer on your side who speaks your language and the language of the builder, this can be solved easily.

When choosing us to represent you, we will make sure all these matters are taken care off, it is important for us to keep you informed in every step of the way, we will ensure:

  • That the project has all the necessary licenses and permissions
  • The builder will grant a bank guarantee for every payment you make
  • The contract is drawn up correctly and by the Spanish law
  • Making sure the property is legally built
  • Check if all the necessary documents are in place before going to the notary

All of this can be dealt with efficiently and effectively by having the qualified Sun Lawyers team working for you.

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