How to make an emergency Will during lockdown and beyond


These past couple of months have been as difficult as most people can remember in living memory. People in Spain, our clients included, have been profoundly affected by Coronavirus. It has caused many to consider their own health and their wishes going forwards. In response to numerous requests, we have created a way that clients can make an emergency Will, either for the first time, or to revoke all existing ones. The following conditions need to be met to ensure validity of the Will:

  • You must download the Will template from this website and print it out
  • Complete all of the details in full
  • Have the Will witnessed by two people (aged 18 or over) who are family or a neighbour
  • Using a mobile phone, photograph each of the pages of the completed Will and email them to:

There is no cost for this emergency Will service.

Once restrictions have been lifted sufficiently, the option will exist to make a proper Will in the usual way.

If you have any questions, please email

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