28 feb: A Spanish will is vital

Unsurprisingly we at Sun Lawyers get loads of queries and clients over the subject of wills and inheritance tax in Spain. The Spanish legal system is very different to what happens in other countries like the UK, and Sun Lawyers have the experience to give you exactly the advice you need over inheritance law and the taxes that are involved.

Tax Deadline

21 nov: Sorting out your Spanish Tax

Tax in Spain can be a complicated issue because if you fail to make a declaration or don’t pay the correct amount, you can end up with a severe fine. Sun Lawyers will make sure that you don't fall foul of the rules!

13 nov: Find peace of mind with a prepaid funeral plan in Spain

Find peace of mind for you and your family with a prepaid funeral plan in Spain If you live or spend longer than 4 weeks a year in Spain, an expat prepaid funeral plan lets you protect your family from the complications of arranging a funeral in Spain. Avalon funeral plans are specially designed to provide cover for UK expats living or spending time in Spain. Plus, your plan moves with you, so if you split your time between home…