Advice & Security


16 mar: Spain is currently in a State of Emergency

Spain starts a country-wide period of lockdown which began on Saturday 14 March and will last for a period of at least 15 days. During this period people are permitted to be out only to travel to a supermarket/pharmacy/hospital, travel to work, take out rubbish and take the dog for a short walk. When people do go out, the expectation is to respect the protocols about social distancing and to be out for only the minimum necessary period of time.


03 feb: Email Security & Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime is now the most reported crime worldwide and 80% of all consumer email addresses have been hacked at one point in time. Your email is an asset you must keep it as protected as your wallet. Start by checking your email, you can do this by visiting:


03 feb: Email Fraud, check twice or pay the price

If you are paying a bill or invoice that has been sent via email, it should be studied for inconsistencies to ensure it is from the correct person this is good practice to protect yourself from email or invoice fraud. Receiving payment details for the very first time Check the email address of the sender. Look for small differences in the email address, like .org changing to or a letter added or taken away in an email:


11 des: Take care with currency!

The £/€ exchange rate could have a significant effect on the Sterling cost of your Spanish property transaction, or if you’re a vendor how much money you repatriate to the UK. With the UK’s election and uncertainty over Brexit causing Sterling’s value to fluctuate, it’s never been more important to plan your currency transfers carefully