Email Security & Cyber Crime


Cyber Crime is now the most reported crime worldwide and 80% of all consumer email addresses have been hacked at one point in time. Your email is an asset you must keep it as protected as your wallet.

Start by checking your email, you can do this by visiting:
Enter your email address and click search. You should check your families email addresses too. Green, your email account is okay, Red, your email has been compromised.
You will be told how, when and what data was taken.
There is no need to panic but you do need to get secure immediately.
Change your password, use 8-14 random characters – do not use words found in a dictionary, this can be breached in minutes using a hacker tool called a dictionary attack.
Good Password – X-92£kP-Q4Ty – Save it as a contact in your phone.
Bad Password – % Mydaughter85!/

Add 2-factor security – almost all email accounts offer this functionality; you add your mobile number and every time you log in you will be sent a text with a code to enter. It is simple to do, if you get stuck just google how to do it.
If you can’t add 2-factor security, then you must change your password every 60 days.

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