Find peace of mind with a prepaid funeral plan in Spain

Find peace of mind for you and your family with a prepaid funeral plan in Spain

If you live or spend longer than 4 weeks a year in Spain, an expat prepaid funeral plan lets you protect your family from the complications of arranging a funeral in Spain.

Avalon funeral plans are specially designed to provide cover for UK expats living or spending time in Spain. Plus, your plan moves with you, so if you split your time between home and abroad, you can have a funeral in the UK or Spain.

Why do I need an expat funeral plan?

Rising funeral costs, language barriers and an unfamiliar Spanish funeral system can make it difficult for your loved ones to make funeral arrangements in Spain.

Traditionally, most funerals in Spain take place within 48 hours and are paid for in

advance, meaning it may be difficult for friends and family still in the UK to attend. Any delay may incur more costs.

Avalon’s expat funeral plans let you pay for your funeral in advance and protec

t your loved ones against unexpected costs and complications. To find the plan that’s right for you and your family, call Rebecca today on +34 671935072

Avalon flyer explaining details

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